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“Everyday Happiness” evolved from music that was created spontaneously on an electronic keyboard. The naturally flowing melodies were then orchestrated with the idea of preserving as well as enhancing the so-called “moment of creation” and recorded by the Pop Symphony Orchestra. The resulting somewhat unpredictable melodies play to the imagination rather than confine one’s sensibilities to a fixed rhythm, predetermined format or lyrics.

The centrality of the melodies will enhance your ability to focus which can be very beneficial. As you listen to the music, your brain is absorbed in the flowing melodies, removing all distractions, allowing for only a single thought. This has been demonstrated in countless situations where the music has helped students with attention issues on an individual basis as well as in a classroom setting. It is also remarkable that autistic children respond to the music, considering that autism is thought to be the inability to distinguish one stimulus from another or quite simply sensory overload.

Enjoy your own unfettered thoughts by listening to the music with the above video. The experience should provide a quick and easy respite from the routine of your day. The site provides a 20-minute sample of the recent recording of “Everyday Happiness”. You will soon be able to stream the full sixty minutes of music or simply order a CD, now.

“Everyday Happiness” is meant to be the perfect background music to enhance the enjoyment of your everyday life!