Every Day Happiness


  Thank you for this wonderful music This music brings me calm and focus to my thoughts and I enjoy the aura it builds around me. Vlad

Comments From a Psychiatrist

The first thing I noticed about the music was that I could not analyze it….neither the rhythm or the melody lasted long enough for me to learn it, to Everyday Happinessorize it. My left brain just didn’t want to work. So the drifting of thoughts begins, assorted personal thoughts start to come into focus. Unlike […]

Comments From a Music Therapist

The mind (right brain I would say) really goes into overdrive. This music is very good fuel for the imagination. One of the things I LOVE is that neither the lyrics nor the harmonic structure label what the song is supposed to be about or how you should feel about it…. much is open to […]


After practicing yoga in quiet solitude for over 20 years, I find that Everyday Happiness makes the experience more meaningful and personal. –Robert


After difficult days of hard work and stressful situations, I like to get into my comfortable environment and meditate. The relaxing effect that I get while listening to this music helps soothe my emotional responses and brings me to the calm state of mind that I seek. –Ron


I had such a long day today, and at the end of it I just felt like checking the website. I got dragged in by the videos, and it was so peaceful to listen to the beautiful melodies with all of the nature images… it tuned me in! The whole experience really changes the inner […]


I listen to Everyday Happiness while reading because it provides the optimal background…better than silence and other kinds of music. –Charles


Amazing work….I got goose bumps the second I put the CD in…very beautiful Shamel Everyday Happiness totally de-stresses me as I go from a state of feeling rushed to being completely relaxed. The wonderful thing is that it all happens quickly and naturally without the use of drugs. Stacey I found the music to be […]

Creative Thinking

When I paint while listening to Everyday Happiness, I am always struck afterwards by the fact that after the first minute or two, I no longer hear the music.  I feel my full concentration focused on my painting. It is as if the chatty side of my brain has been shut off, and I am […]