I am a well-established acupuncturist in the Boston area with eleven offices. Four years ago, I treated a woman for infertility. Unfortunately, the child was born with autism. The parents recently called on me to see if I could help their child. They brought their little boy to my office but he persisted in running around the waiting area. It was clear that I could not treat the little boy in his agitated state.

I remembered that the “Everyday Happiness” music was supposed to have a positive effect on autistic children by enhancing their ability to focus. With this in mind, I brought my CD player out to the reception area and, as soon as I turned on the music, the little fellow sat down quietly next to the player. I was truly amazed as were the boy’s parents. Despite the parent’s reservations, I preceded to place the needles on the boy’s scalp, while he was entranced with the music. This lasted for 20 minutes and then I spent another 20 minutes putting needles into the little boy’s back which, according to the parents, was an area considered “untouchable”.

What I have just related was not the most memorable part of the visit. I will never forget how the little boy walked back to me while he was leaving with his parents and looked directly into my eyes and said, “Goodbye”. According to the parents, this was the first time their little boy had ever made eye contact with anyone.

As a follow up, I checked back with the parents two weeks after their visit. They reported that the little boy listens to the music when he returns from school. They stated, “He gets bored after 10 minutes of listening. However, he is much better”.