by on 02.09.2016

I had such a long day today, and at the end of it I just felt like checking the website. I got dragged in by the videos, and it was so peaceful to listen to the beautiful melodies with all of the nature images… it tuned me in! The whole experience really changes the inner bio-rhythm!


I listened to the CD while driving today, feeling very relaxed, which doesn’t happen often while driving. ( I’m a tense driver), the music allowed me to chill out.

I intend to listen and ” lighten up” often.


The best therapy I have found to relax is Everyday Happiness. Every afternoon around four, I put it on while I rest and unwind. The soothing melodies envelop me and I am off to dreamland. It is a must in my music library.


I took some time today to just stop and try to figure out why I like the music so much,considering I am not much of a music “LISTENER”. The reason is because I always feel like music distracts my thinking process and clutters my mind.As a result,I never have a radio on in my home or car. “EVERYDAY HAPPINESS” is really the first type of music that I can listen to and instead of distracting me,it brings a sense of peace and calm. There is no predictable, controlling beat or rhythm that forces me to follow a pattern. I love that about the MUSIC!!!


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