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by on 02.09.2016

I have always listened to music when doing mundane tasks around the house. Listening to Everyday Happiness not only made the experience more enjoyable due to the beautiful melodies, but it also allowed my mind to relax and soften. It was like I was concentrating without putting in any effort at all. Thanks for creating this !


When I first heard this music, I was struck by the utter beauty, simplicity, and loving spirit it contained. I was actually moved to tears. It just makes one feel good to listen to it. The integrity and excellence of the arrangements, the performances by the live musicians (rare in these days of synthesized loops) is a relief, and comfort to the ears. I use it as a positive, uplifting background while working with my clients. It is so nice to hear music done with such care and regard for the listener. .

Jessica L.

I find Everyday Happiness very soothing while I’m working. The melodies are very beautiful and really seem to enhance my creativity when I do my design work.


Everyday Happiness did not make me jump for joy but it gave me a satisfaction with what I am doing while ironing. I felt satisfied with doing the work because the music added a dimension to the ironing. Other music would be totally pulling while Everyday Happiness allowed me to feel a sense of accomplishment. Now, I always associate the music with ironing and it has become a necessary part of my routine.


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